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Cardio Training Equipment

Endurance equipment focuses on systematically improving how much work the body can do. This equipment, which includes cardiovascular machines like treadmills and ergometers, strengthen the heart, increase lung capacity and increase mitochondrial density with consistent use.

Weight Training Equipment

Equipment like barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells provide users with the weight resistance needed to build muscle mass. They vary significantly and cater to light and heavy lifters alike. When a challenging weight is lifted, microscopic tears are made in the muscle. When these tears are made, muscles become bigger, stronger and more resilient once the recovery phase takes place.

Balance Training Equipment

Balance training equipment includes but is not limited to items like BOSUs and balance beams. They work by teaching muscles to work cohesively to improve balance and strengthen the body including the joints. When used in conjunction with other types, balance equipment can greatly improve workouts by boosting coordination and increasing the overall enjoyment of exercise since the body is more capable.

Flexibility Equipment

Equipment used to improve flexibility range from bands to over the door stretch units. Flexibility exercise equipment reduces the risk of injury by making muscles more pliable. This equipment, which can be used before and after exercise, does this with gentle, gradual extensions to increase range of motion. As a result, the body is able to adapt to varying workouts with ease.

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