Elliptical Trainer

An elliptical trainer is a piece of aerobic exercise equipment. Often called a cross trainer, an elliptical is a cross between a treadmill and a stationary bike. To use an elliptical, a person must control pedals in order to walk or jog on the machine. Elliptical trainers also have handlebars similar to those on a stationary bike. Not only is an elliptical trainer great for cardiovascular exercise but it has little impact on the joints. Because of these great benefits, more and more people are getting elliptical trainers for their home gym.

Elliptical trainers are great to have at home. They seem simple enough but this piece of equipment can help build the body, improve cardiovascular fitness and also serves as a weight loss tool. It is essentially an all in one trainer. The qualities of an elliptical that makes it an all in one machine lies in the features of the particular model selected. Although all trainers produce great results, there are certain capabilities that will improve the overall quality of one’s elliptical training. One of those is magnetized pedals. An elliptical with magnetized pedals is more durable than those attached with a spinning flywheel. Individuals who want an elliptical trainer in their home gym should also consider one with moveable handles. Working the upper and lower body simultaneously has a more significant impact on heart rate and improves muscle tone. Those in the market for an elliptical also want to consider one with an adjustable incline. Incline is a very effective way to switch things up in the home gym. Incline means more work output and an increase in the number of muscle fibers activated resulting in more lean mass. It will also help target specific areas like the core and glutes. Another useful feature available on elliptical trainers is a digital control panel that offers a variety of options. These options allow users to tailor each workout to meet individual needs such as stride length and level of resistance.

All in all, an elliptical is a key piece of equipment in a home gym because this type of trainer works. It improves overall health and aesthetics while delivering a low impact workout that anyone can do. The number of possible workouts is endless with the help of a few incline and resistance adjustments. Users get to enjoy a high impact workout without impacting the joins.

Elliptical Machine Types of Elliptical Trainers

Types of Elliptical Trainers

Elliptical trainers are found in both fitness centers and home gyms for good reason; they work! All users have to do is get on, be mindful of their form, throw ...

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