A treadmill is an indoor exercise machine used for cardiovascular exercise and lower body toning. The user has the option to walk, jog or run in place. A person stands on the circular belt that loops around the base and performs his/her desired exercise. This machine is often found in fitness and sports clubs but they are also available for home gyms. A treadmill is a valuable piece of equipment to own and provides an alternative to walking, jogging or running outdoors. Long distance cardio can be done rain or shine with a treadmill.

There are two types of treadmills available. The first type is electric. Electric treadmills are commonly used. They are powered by electricity. When in operation, the motor operates the circular belt present under the runner’s feet. There are varying speeds offered with electric models that can be increased or decreased with the speed settings located on the control console. Electric treadmills often come with features ranging from the ability to create individualized fitness programs to progress tracking. Manual treadmills are more lightweight than motorized models and are powered solely by the user. The circular belt moves as the runner moves so there are no speed settings to choose from. A console is present at the front of the machine. The console often houses a monitor to track distance, duration and calories burned. A rail is also present for safety. Additional features may include an adjustable incline or a more advanced front console. Both are good options and deliver an amazing workout. The type selected depends on individual needs. When shopping for a treadmill make sure to consider personal goals, ease of use, maintenance and safety features. Lastly, always try the equipment.

There are several reasons to invest in a home treadmill. For starters, owning one is a huge time saver. Having a treadmill at home also saves money. Most purchase a gym membership to have access to the machines. Having one at home eliminates this need which means no monthly fees. Another reason to have a treadmill in a home gym is the ease of use. All a person has to do is walk or run. No special skill is required but the results are transformative. Treadmills are very effective at burning calories, assisting in weight loss and improving cardiovascular conditioning. Having one at home will greatly assist in achieving fitness goals and make exercise easy and convenient.

Treadmill Types of Treadmills

Types of Treadmills

Treadmills are popular for good reason. They allow users to walk, jog and run rain or shine. Treadmills can be used by anyone and always deliver a great ...

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