Weight Bench

Every home gym needs a weight bench. Strength training is one of the most common types of training done by fitness enthusiasts. Building muscle burns fat and has transformative effects on the physique. In order to target specific muscle groups and perform certain lifts like the bench press and dumbbell flys, a bench is needed. A weight bench is a main component of any weight lifting set. It is a 3 foot long board that a lifter lays or sits on in order to perform various weight lifting exercises. The exercises done on a weight bench often involve a barbell or a set of dumbbells. Its primary purpose is to make lifting free weights safer and offer support for the lifter in order to encourage proper form and technique.

Weight benches come in many forms. The ones present in home gyms are usually more basic. A basic bench is sturdy and offers the support needed when lifting heavy. The construction of a weight bench includes a strong metal base and an upholstered bench. Many models can be adjusted to incline, decline and lay parallel to the floor. Although true, weight benches are also available in a fixed position. The fixed positions available are fixed horizontal, incline and decline while other weight benches have only one adjustable portion. Those wanting a weight bench in their home gym have many options to choose from. The bench can be purchased alone but are also available with other workout equipment attached like bench extensions, leg curl attachment and a barbell stand. Many weight benches equipped with a barbell stand even have a safety feature to eliminate the need for a spotter.

Obviously there are several options to choose from but there are four basic types of benches. The four main types are the flat bench, adjustable bench, multipurpose bench and the ab bench. A flat bench is the most basic weight bench. It is best used for the bench press, curls and dips. Adjustable benches can incline and/or decline while multipurpose benches are adjustable and come equipped for a vast number of attachments. Lastly, abdominal weight benches are designed to support ab specific lifts and feature foot rollers. No matter what type of weight bench is chosen, always select one made with high quality materials. A bench will change the way you lift at home and help build muscle by targeting major muscle groups to maximize gains.

Weight Bench Types of Weight Benches

Types of Weight Benches

There are a variety of weight benches on the market. Manufacturers are always coming up with something new, tweaking basic designs and improving users’ workout ...

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